Company Profile

  Founded in June 2004, Kunming Guiyan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a hi-tech enterprise, specializes in manufacturing, research and development of platinum metals antitumor drugs. Its main products include cisplatin, carboplatin and Oxaliplatin, with their quality in accordance with the requirements of pharmacopeia standards of China, the US and Europe.

  At present, the company is located in Kunming National Hi-tech Development Zone. Its plant areas include ordinary manufacturing area, cleaning area and detection centre, etc. It has the advanced production equipment and modern analyzing instrument for manufacturing and research of platinum metals antitumor drugs and inspection of their quality. Its products are not only available in domestic markets, but also in international ones.

  Besides, the company has preparation technologies of Nedaplatin, Sunpla, picoplatin, and satraplatin, and other platinum metals antitumor drugs and the key intermediates thereof. Its scientific research subjects involve the research on new-structure platinum anticancer drugs and other antitumor drugs. Since its establishment, it has made the following achievements: completing one technological innovation foundation project of national technology-based small/medium-sized enterprises, two technological innovation foundation projects of Kunming technology-based small/medium-sized enterprises, one Kunming key project and one Kunming new-product development project, winning five scientific and technological progress prizes at different levels, applying for sixteen national invention patents including five authorized items and publishing more than 20 research papers in domestic and foreign core journals. At present, the company is undertaking one Yunnan scientific and technological plan project and one Kunming scientific and technological plan project, and cooperatively undertaking one national natural science foundation project and one national new drug special project.

  The company currently employs twenty four people, including three researchers, one senior engineer, five engineers, one doctoral candidate, three people with master degree, twelve people with bachelor degree, two postgraduate tutor, one Yunan reserve talent, one Yunnan innovative talent and one Kunming academic pacesetter. With rich management experience and strong talent capital, the company is moving forward the objective of developing itself into the domestic production base and technical innovation platform of platinum metals antitumor drugs.