How to distinguish between benign and malignant tumors?

  Between benign and malignant tumors there is no strict boundaries, in general, the following differences.

  Benign tumor

  1. Growth characteristics: (1) growth patterns: often swelling or exogenous growth. (2) growth rate: often slow growth. (3) boundary and envelope: clear boundaries, often coated. (4) Texture and color: the texture and color close to the normal tissues. (5) invasion

  Attack: general non-invasive, a small number of local invasion. (6), metastatic: No transfer. (7) recurrence: complete resection, generally do not recur.

  2. Histologic features: (1) and abnormal sexual differentiation: well differentiated, no significant atypia. (2) alignment and polarity: alignment rules to maintain good polarity. (3) cells: scattered, small. (4) the nuclear envelope: usually thinner. (5) Chromatin: fine, small. (6) The nucleolus: No increase, same great. (7) mitosis: not easy to see.

  Functional Metabolism: In addition to the secretion of tumor outside the normal metabolism of normal.

  Effects on the body: in addition to growth in key places, in general, little effect.


  1. Growth characteristics: (1) growth pattern: mostly invasive growth. (2) Growth Rate: fast growth, often indefinitely. (3) boundary and envelope: ill-defined, often without capsule. (4) Texture and Color: usually normal tissue varied. (5) invasive: the general who has hit and spread phenomenon. (6), metastatic: General more than a transfer. (7) relapse: not treated early, often easy to relapse.

  2. Histologic features: (1) differentiation and atypia: poorly differentiated, often pleomorphic. (2) alignment and polarity: polar disorder, irregular arrangement. (3) cells: a rich and dense. (4) the nuclear membrane: through thickening. (5) Chromatin: Pass stained increased. (6) The nucleolus: thick, the number increased. (7) mitosis: mitotic increase, or that there is no typical nuclear fission.

  Functional Metabolism: Nucleic acid metabolism, enzyme spectrum change, often have abnormal metabolism.

  Effects on the body: no matter where a great impact on the body, or even result in death.

  Note: The invasion and metastasis is the most important characteristics of malignant tumors.

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