Cancer patients to live longer it?

  Can cancer patients live longer? The answer is yes. This is not a beautiful myth, it is not only good wishes, but there is an objective fact, cancer patients, fight disease, like to live like normal people, learning and working, as long and healthy life, a lot of people. Many patients with choriocarcinoma, after treatment, recovered after the birth of the cute little baby; many young cancer patients, such as breast cancer, cancer, colon cancer and gastric cancer. After treatment, the establishment of a happy family. Is known as the "cancer of the cancer " of liver cancer patients, return to work after treatment is too numerous to mention examples.

  Although the etiology of cancer has not yet fully understood, treatment has been no breakthrough, but after a comprehensive and effective treatment, in the rehabilitation process to actively exercise, and healthy to live, work, a "longevity"example , Whether in foreign or domestic, is indeed considerable. And not to say that self-limiting and after radical surgery or radiotherapy, is to bring cancer survivors, survival, five, six, seven, ten, seventeen years a large number of people. These "cancer birthday" Although the reasons for their longevity difficult to fully elaborate a clear fashion, but many cancer patients can live a long, indeed it is an indisputable fact.

  Here are some different types of cancer patients, but also to do the same after treatment, age, sex, occupation, physical and other large individual differences and the common experience of patients.

  Early diagnosis and comprehensive treatment, optimistic mood, living there often (living, learning and work on a regular, that is, do not change the rhythm of life business), and in a few patients (some of the health of large numbers master the art of exercise, one hundred percent Adhere to the health-care training, a wide range of different methods), work and rest appropriately.

  All the above, although not dare say "birthday" are all the secrets of longevity, but it is one of the most critical part of cancer patients try.

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