Whether the relationship between cancer and family history?

  Present the view that cancer is not directly hereditary disease, but does have a small number of cancers tend to have a family gathering, the family was cancer, his children the chance of cancer can be several times larger than the average person. The genetic type of cancer called familial cancer. Including esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, endometrial cancer. The formation of genetic factors, in medicine known as genetic susceptibility.

  People gradually realize that by observing the lifestyle and exposure to certain carcinogenic substances in the environment may increase the body's susceptibility to cancer. Also found that some patients with congenital immune deficiency, the risk of cancer is much higher than normal. For the family of cancer, genetic type. People who are often cancer gene defect is more likely. The most prominent manifestations of hereditary retinoblastoma is, but the incidence is very low. Large number of clinical data indicates that families with cancer patients, and future generations are not necessarily cancer.

  In addition, in the world, also found a handful of cancer family, about one-third of such members of the family has cancer, and incidence rates of men and women, as many suffering from the same type of cancer, this certainly hereditary cancer family, but the actual , so that the family is not much.

  Some patients are not cancer, but cancer can occur, but also genetic, clinical syndrome called hereditary tumors. Such as familial polyposis of the colon, polyps, colon cancer can be malignant, such patients must be vigilant and close observation.

  Cancer, genetic problem is very complicated. Cancer is a not yet completely shrouded in mystery. Therefore, the masters of cancer in some people, must not cranky, to maintain a good mood, immunity to improve their own learning and understanding of cancer knowledge to help the family establish a cancer confidence.

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