Cancer God medicine?

  In the current technological level, yet there is no single drug, a treatment for advanced cancer treatment to address any boasted that "God cancer drug, ""cancer killer" of drugs and treatment are exaggerated propaganda, there is no scientific basis . Held yesterday at the Ministry of Health, "Cancer Prevention and Awareness Week, " the briefing, experts advise: Do not doctor when critically ill patients with cancer, cancer treatment is a very long process, a variety of treatments to be together.

  Cancer Awareness Week this year, starting from yesterday to 21 November. Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital, vice president, cancer experts said Professor Shi Yuankai: Although, with the scientific progress, and drug treatment of cancer is increasing, efficacy has improved, but still the early stage patients is effective in patients with advanced, treatment costs Spending is much lower than earlier in patients with advanced patients.

  Currently, cancer has become the first killer of healthy people, among residents in urban and rural areas of China the first cause of death. It is understood that cancer is a general term for a large class of diseases involving different parts and stage of disease. Therefore, treatment options also vary, becoming more individualized. While cancer treatment is a very long process, especially in patients with advanced, need surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other means there is biological treatment together.

  The first treatment of cancer patients is critical. Experts advise patients, once diagnosed with cancer, should be immediately to hospital or large tumor General Hospital Cancer Center for medical, professional physician standard treatment, do not desperately trying everything, by "Yituo"and false propaganda induction. Their hospital admissions of some patients to delay treatment, some time late into the mid-drag condition. Treatment of advanced cancer patients as part of the main purpose is to relieve pain and improve quality of life. So do not be subject to "doctor ", "magic pill" to create "miracle " of the fraud.

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