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Classification of anticancer drugs and clinical application

Cancer is harmful to human health, one of the most dangerous diseases, cancer treatment emphasizes the principle of comprehensive treatment, chemotherapy is one important means. Study of anticancer drugs in recent years has achieved rapid development, there are some new type of anticancer drugs, the tumor occurrence and metastasis of various segments and new targets.


Platinum anticancer drug history

Since 1967, it was discovered that anticancer activity of cisplatin has been, platinum group metals and study the application of anti-cancer drugs has been rapid development. Today, cisplatin and carboplatin in cancer chemotherapy has become the indispensable drug. World Health Organization in 1995, nearly a hundred kinds of anticancer drugs in the world to evaluate the efficacy of cisplatin and market evaluation score among the highest in the column second. According to statistics,.


Combination of fees and charges to adjust the hospital checkups fee registration fee charge injection

"Opinion" provides primary medical and health institutions to adjust fees, charges and Medicare payment policy. Primary health care institutions to adjust fees and charges, the existing registration fees, investigation fees consultation, injection fee (including intravenous fluids fees, excluding chemical costs), and the cost of pharmaceutical services into general medical fees.


Medical Reform Office: primary medical personnel would be guaranteed a reasonable treatment

The official said, "Let the people get benefits, so that medical staff are encouraged" that the existing medical and health system's basic requirements. Medical staff is the main force in health reform. Around the basic drug system, including the implementation and set positions, will be the compilation of the content of the comprehensive reform of primary health care institutions,.


Office of the State Council is responsible for discussing health care reform to establish and improve mechanisms for grassroots medical institutions

Current health policy forum, held during the fair and new drug development and approval of policy trends, innovative technology and trends of drug, domestic and international comparison of drug distribution model, biomedical parks in China Development Forum, the Chinese way of drug five international forums, invited authorities of the industry and entrepreneurs to discuss the current hot topics,.


Chinese exports face of the new market environment

Reporter: "the Chinese Medicine Ordinance" registration provisions come into force, although little effect on Chinese exports to the mainland, but still caused widespread concern. Why?


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