Medical Reform Office: primary medical personnel would be guaranteed a reasonable treatment

  The official said, "Let the people get benefits, so that medical staff are encouraged" that the existing medical and health system's basic requirements. Medical staff is the main force in health reform. Around the basic drug system, including the implementation and set positions, will be the compilation of the content of the comprehensive reform of primary health care institutions, "the State Council on establishing a sound mechanism for grassroots medical institutions and the views of" the treatment of primary medical staff provides a number of specific measures . They are:

  First, the basic drug system clearly grassroots medical staff after a reasonable level of income will not decrease. Wage level and the local medical staff and institutions the average wage level of convergence, while the basic drug system of primary care health facilities pay for performance system in place simultaneously. Through this initiative, effectively stabilized the grassroots medical staff.

  Second, the performance reflects the establishment of hard work and excellent distribution of merit pay system, focusing on the key positions, backbone and outstanding contributions of staff tilt, pull the appropriate income gap. Through this initiative, fully mobilize and protect the enthusiasm of the work of medical personnel.

  Third is to improve the status of the Government to implement primary health care institutions on the compensation responsibility, institutions and medical personnel to run with a reasonable income security, medical staff completely changed by the sale of drugs in the past, income-generating state to maintain income levels, so that medical personnel peace of mind for the masses service, more time and energy to improve business standards. Through this initiative, to enhance the value of medical personnel and social status of their own.

  At the same time, combined with general practitioners as primary health care teams focus on the implementation of construction planning, medical staff will provide basic training to provide more training opportunities for long-term work at the grassroots level health workers in job promotion, treatment policy, it is also will be given appropriately to help solve practical problems.

  In addition, the compensation mechanism clear of village clinics and non-government-run primary health care institutions to implement subsidy policies.

The Certificate of CEP for CARBOPLATIN

KUNMING GUIYAN PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD.,as holder of the certificate of suitability R0-CEP 2009-383-Rev 00 for CARBOPLATIN.


The Certificate of CEP for OXALIPLATIN

KUNMING GUIYAN PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD.,as holder of the certificate of suitability R0-CEP 2009-384-Rev 00 for OXALIPLATIN.


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