Office of the State Council is responsible for discussing health care reform to establish and improve mechanisms for grassroots medical institutions

  Current health policy forum, held during the fair and new drug development and approval of policy trends, innovative technology and trends of drug, domestic and international comparison of drug distribution model, biomedical parks in China Development Forum, the Chinese way of drug five international forums, invited authorities of the industry and entrepreneurs to discuss the current hot topics, in-depth exchanges, increase consensus, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

  Yin Xiangjie CSPC philosophy Executive entitled "Medical Reform pharmaceutical companies under the New Deal model of commercial circulation change" speech to the current Chinese pharmaceutical industry made a brilliant exposition of these hot issues.

  "Pharmaceutical industry to by the occasion and meet the new healthcare reform." Yin Xiangjie philosophy that "new health care reform not to the pharmaceutical business interests for the transfer, will eventually form a pharmaceutical company market redistribution of the existing market structure will be significantly affected; new health care reform was also not transfer to the interests of commercial enterprises, the objective is to reduce the circulation, so will inevitably lead to commercial shuffle, part of the business eliminated. "

  Yin Xiangjie Zhe said that China is making great efforts and improve primary health care system, while vigorously promoting the basic medical insurance system. "In this context, the primary pharmaceutical market will be greatly expansion." According to his calculations, the township health centers, community centers, the main pharmaceutical distribution for the third terminal, and its pharmaceutical distribution account for the proportion of medicines, from 1 / 5 up to 1 / 4. "The implementation of new health care reform will increase the concentration of commercial pharmaceutical distribution industry."

  In this regard, Yin Xiangjie philosophy was foreign detailed comparison. He said that at this stage, the Chinese pharmaceutical distribution industry, market concentration significantly lower than the world average. He cited a series of data - the U.S. share of world pharmaceutical sales pharmaceutical market share up to 40%, but only a total of U.S. drug wholesalers 75; the top three U.S. pharmaceutical commercial enterprises accounted for 96% of U.S. market share of the former Japanese three accounted for 67%, Germany also accounted for 60% of the top three to 70%. "In contrast, the end of 2008, China's pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises with more than 13,000, but the largest market share before the three companies, only about 20%." Yin Xiangjie philosophy that this space is enormous, the future commercial pharmaceutical distribution industry concentration will be driven by the health care reform and improving the New Deal.

  Yin Xiangjie Zheti out that the pharmaceutical industry market risk is increasing, business shuffle in full swing. He pharmaceutical industry, "Weapon" - to invest in new drug development, the development of new drugs with independent intellectual property rights; to improve quality standards, even to the FDA certification standards; to choose an industrial background, financial strength, the flow of business with terminal As a business; to shrink a volume business, increase marketing efforts and other distributors and end.

The Certificate of CEP for CARBOPLATIN

KUNMING GUIYAN PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD.,as holder of the certificate of suitability R0-CEP 2009-383-Rev 00 for CARBOPLATIN.


The Certificate of CEP for OXALIPLATIN

KUNMING GUIYAN PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD.,as holder of the certificate of suitability R0-CEP 2009-384-Rev 00 for OXALIPLATIN.


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