Chinese exports face of the new market environment

  Chinese exports into the critical period - Interview Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce vice president of Liu Zhang

  Reporter: "the Chinese Medicine Ordinance" registration provisions come into force, although little effect on Chinese exports to the mainland, but still caused widespread concern. Why?

  Liu Zhang: China has become a global pharmaceutical manufacturing country, exports of pharmaceutical products is growing every year. But can not be avoided is that China's export structure is still irrational to raw materials export. Category in traditional Chinese medicine, health products, plant extracts, Chinese herbal medicine and Pieces larger proportion of exports, the export share of Chinese medicine is not high. China's medicine export of the main battlefield in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao, Hong Kong is the bridgehead of China's medicine export. Therefore, Hong Kong Chinese medicine management policy change would be seen as "litmus test" and "barometer."

  Q: How do you see in force in Hong Kong, "the Chinese Medicine Ordinance?"

  Liu Zhang: I think that Hong Kong, "the Chinese Medicine Ordinance," it is appropriate to the current regulatory needs of Chinese medicine, it is appropriate to the mainland Chinese up to standard. Registration standards by upgrading of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong part of the product to give up or leaving out of the market is normal, not deliberately manufacturing threshold. Excellent for mainland Chinese enterprises, Hong Kong is the purification of pharmaceutical market will make a huge market for them is a good news.

  Reporter: next year, "Law of the EU's traditional medicine" in the registration instructions will come into force, the future environment of Chinese exports is even worse?

  Liu Zhang: can not be said to be poor. We should see that every year the global herbal market is growing 10%, botanical needs of the market is expanding. Exports from China in recent years the number of traditional Chinese medicine can be seen, the annual export volume are increasing, but the international market for pharmaceutical quality requirements have become more sophisticated, standards become more stringent. In this case, the domestic Chinese enterprises must be registered to declare a conditional declaration of registration must seize the opportunity. If managers decide to engage in long-term pharmaceutical industry, it will have early reporting, early registration, improve their core competitiveness. Sooner or later, China's pharmaceutical products will be exported as drugs, not just stay in the location of power supply of raw materials.

  In fact, whether in Hong Kong, "the Chinese Medicine Ordinance" or "Law of the EU's traditional medicine," not to set the threshold for traditional Chinese medicine; the contrary, they are very much like the legal status of Chinese medicine into the EU approval process is very simple to illustrate this point.

  Reporter: This year, the domestic prices of medicines quickly, whether the impact on Chinese exports? Prices are rational and irrational factors how much?

  Liu Zhang: Chinese herbal medicine this year, prices are indeed very powerful, from an export point of view, order a small amount of a long decline. But the Chamber of Commerce predicted that over the years because the international market for TCM products in China to form a stable demand for Chinese exports will not rise in price of a large number of contraction. It should be noted, Chinese herbal medicine has a rational side up, with dwindling natural resources of medicinal, human, land and other cost increases, the price of medicines is inevitable and long-term trend; the other hand, Chinese herbal medicine up price factor was also there for the hype, but any speculation is supported by strong demand for the final should be, if there is no demand, then speculation will eventually return to a reasonable price.

  Reporter: What kind of future products, Chinese exports more competitive?

  Liu Zhang: As the traditional Chinese medicine prices, coupled with the appreciation of the renminbi, the prices of Chinese export enterprises will be strong, but international buyers are hard to accept price increases. In this case, short-term exports of domestic Chinese enterprises will face some difficulties, but the international market demand is rigid, so the long run Chinese exports will not be affected. Granules future export opportunities will increase, want companies to seize the opportunity with them.

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